Barfield Allotments

Whetstone, London N20


About Us

Barfield Allotment Association is a small site off Barfield Avenue in North London. There have been allotments on this site since the 1930’s, when they were laid out for the use of the tenants in Barfield Avenue housing estate. The area of the site is approximately two acres and consists of about 35 plots of different sizes.

The site is bordered on three sides by housing and flats and on one side by a nature reserve. The site slopes south and east with a London clay soil. On most plots this soil has been supplemented over the years with copious quantities of stable manure and homemade compost.

There is off road parking available behind secure locked gates.

Availability of allotment plots in Barnet.

At Barfield we now have a waiting list but we welcome inquiries from anyone interested in renting a plot. We would then be happy to put your details on our waiting list. You do not need to be a Barnet resident in order to rent a plot.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list apply today. See the Contact page.

Plot sizes and measurements.

The plots are measured in multiples of “Square Poles”. This is an old agricultural measure of area. A pole in length is 5½ yards (5.03 Metres), so a Square Pole is 30¼ square yards (25.3 sq. Metres).

Plots are generally available in sizes of 2½, 5 and 10 square poles. 2½ sq. poles is a good size for a beginner, with 5 sq. poles being suitable for someone with some gardening experience and 10 poles for an experienced gardener. There are a few plots of non-standard sizes.

Rents and charges

The annual rent (April to March) per pole is £14 in 2019. This includes water charges.

Size Charge
2½ pole plot (63.25 sq.M) £35.00 per year
5 pole plot (126.2 sq.M) £70.00 per year
10 pole plot (253 sq.M) £140 per year

Other plots with different pole sizes are pro rata at £14 per pole.

Work Days

Barfield relies on our members turning up to help on Work Days to improve and maintain the site. We encourage you to come to the work days. The work is not particularly arduous and coffee, tea and cakes are provided in the middle of the morning.

Scheduled work days.
They are usually held on Saturday/Sunday mornings between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, on a monthly basis.